TOP-7 hacks on creating a remarkable product

March 29, 2022 • Advertising | Marketing | Marketing agency | Marketing tips
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The world has been busy creating a thousand new ways to sell the product. Marketers spend sleepless nights thinking about the best solutions and creating catchy campaigns. And, you know, it barely helps.

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A lot of professional marketers faced the problem of being too expected. The audience is fully aware of what will be next. It isn't funny at all. More and more companies tend to hire young minds to stand out. The audience has changed, so did the message.

Let's see how to win the battle for a loyal client and create a remarkable product at the end of 2021.

The importance of the message

The message is your main weapon. If before clients were satisfied with vivid visual content and a few celebrities in the ad, now they require something real.

The idea you are sharing has to be clear and understandable for your audience. There is no point in spending a fortune on special effects, stars, and a fantastic setting. If you cannot provide your customers with a decent message, you will fail.

How to create the right message?

  • Understand who is your target audience.
  • See what problems these people face.
  • Offer several solutions.
  • Ask your clients for feedback.
It doesn't have to be too complicated. On the contrary, simple solutions are charming. They catch the audience, so bring your company, loyal guests.

Target audience portrait

Before advertising any product, make sure you imagine who will buy it. Understanding your target audience is the basis of effective sales. When clients feel that you are thinking not only about your benefit but also about their issues, they come to you. That is the main rule to stand out.

Algorithm of determining your brand audience

  1. See who are your current clients.
  2. Check whether the current customers fit your business well (whether they buy your products often, bring friends, come back, etc.).
  3. Make sure you are satisfied with these people.
  4. Understand how your clients change, so you can change together.
  5. Make a strategy using the previous knowledge.
  6. Never stop analyzing your customers.
  7. Build a powerful connection with your audience. Meet their needs and satisfy expectations

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Does it mean I should stop advertising on social media?

It means that you have to mix email ads with SMM. You never know for sure what your audience likes. And, if you think you do, reconsider. That is why offering a few channels of communication is promising.

Since the ROI of email marketing is very high, let's see how to use it well.
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TOP-7 hacks on creating a remarkable product

There are several tips, using which you will boost your sales and satisfy your clients. Let's take a look at them.
  • Be exclusive
    Influence the demand by making your product/service different.
  • Risk smartly
    The market is crowded, so you have to make smart, but risky decisions to stand out.
  • Change
    If some idea didn't work out, move on. Never lose time and budget on saving the “dead” solution.
  • Do not generalize
    See who are the people who will buy the stuff you offer. Then work to “catch” their attention.
  • Focus on long-term results
    The solution can take time to work out. But remarkable ideas always need time.
  • Be creative
    We are not interested in creating another mediocre product. Use your craziest ideas to impress.
  • Do not celebrate your victory forever
    Once, after launching one successful campaign, go create another.

What if my idea fails

It happens, and there is nothing tragic in it. Learn how to move on. Then you will be able to focus on the new stuff to launch.

Never allow a fail to stop you from moving further. A lot of great ideas didn't work out at first. Starting with “Harry Potter” which was rejected to be published by several editors, and finishing with Steve Jobs, who failed the first presentation of the iPhone. They didn't give up and succeeded. So, you shouldn't get upset after a few failures. Try again and again till the idea works out.

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A remarkable product does not require being extra-smart or super-original. Pretty often, tenacity and hard work lead a business to success. The main rule is to stay positive even when everything is falling down.

Another try can make you a winner. Talking about creating a best-selling product in 2021, standing out from the competition plays a key role. You even don't need to be better, just different in your own unique way.

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