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March 25, 2022 • Advertising | Marketing | Marketing agency | Marketing tips

Digital marketing: facts you better know

Digitalization is a trend of 2021. The planet Earth went online, googling almost everything. Before, to get information, you had to visit a library. Now, just open your smartphone, and here you are. Exciting, right?

We no longer rely on printed materials. All the data can be found on the Internet and in a few clicks. Would you like to use it in your favor? Of course! Everyone wants to benefit from the current situation. It isn't that complicated. E-commerce together with digital marketing will lead you to the highly desired results.

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What is digital marketing, and why do I need it?

Digital or online marketing is the art of selling goods via the Internet. It is the opposite of traditional marketing when you have to sell products offline. If billboards, leaflets, and magazine ads are considered to be the attributes of traditional marketing. Emails, display and social media ads, together with SEM (Social Engine Marketing) are the key features of online marketing.

The Internet space is an ideal place to be creative and stand out among the competition. Today, we will talk about implementing digital marketing in your selling routine. Stay tuned to improve your ads.

How to scale your business, minimizing expenses

  • Do you know why people don't buy from you?
    Usually, there are only two reasons:

    • they don't trust your message or
    • they have no spare money to spend.

    You simply cannot influence the second cause. But why not improve your ads, to cope with the first notion. The best way to do it is to study clients' behavior. 
  • Have you noticed how many times you scroll down ads while surfing the Internet?
    We all do it. That’s why your ad should look like a normal text to be noticed.
  • How to improve my ads?
    Storytelling! The answer is very simple. Your main task is to entertain your audience. Make them watch your ad like a TV show or read your post like an interesting story.
  • What should I write about?
    “About my product, of course” — you may think. Actually, yes and no, you need to create such a text, your clients won’t forget. We’ve already mentioned that it has to look like a story. Now let’s make this story capturing. Understand what your audience desires, then offer it to the people. First and foremost, concentrate on who you are sending the message to. There won’t be any answer if you don’t know to whom you address the text.
  • Do you think you know your audience?
    You may think you do, but it is a pretty complicated thing, so you cannot be sure. Always research the latest trends and whether your people enjoy them. Once you catch that your targeted audience is ready to be presented with a new innovative item, implement it! The main law is to be sure they are, actually, ready for it.
You see, all the advice cost almost nothing. Sure, effective marketing requires expenses, but we can minimize them. Let’s be smart enough to do it most effectively.
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7 marketing hacks to learn before selling

Now, let’s concentrate on the data you have to know before actually selling a product. There is nothing extraordinary, or too complicated. The rules are simple and they work!

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TOP-7 marketing hacks:

  • Don’t guess - know
    Always check your ideas. For example, you think that there is a particular trend - go to Google Insights and see whether it is really so. It happens that the trend is out-of-date, but marketers still pay for it. We definitely don’t need these empty investments.
  • You will sell any product as long as people are ready to buy it
    Conduct marketing research before launching ads. It is a must-have to save time and money.
  • You don’t know your competitors = you won’t sell
    Research what was already invented to avoid empty efforts, no one cares about. There is no need to create a bicycle if it was already invented in the 19th century.
  • Use the power of a copy
    You may offer the best product, but if there is no copy to present it … Well, you lose. Come out with exciting headlines, write creatively, and understand who will read it.
  • Concentrate on the results, not on the process
    Your clients want to see the outcome. They can be scared of the process, even though it is easy. For example, a girl wants to get fit, show her the desired body, not the long hours spent in the gym. It works with any product or service.
  • Don’t quit - wait
    Okay, maybe you won’t attract a thousand clients overnight, but the 100 you get, will also count. People tend to expect way too much. Let’s calm down and go smoothly. If you are a small company, take your time. You will see the results.
  • Appreciate reviews
    People are eager to buy a product with 500 4.5-stars reviews. And, if it has only 10, but 5-stars reviews, they aren’t interested. Use the power of the client's feedback. It is the easiest way to get attention. There are many ways to get more reviews, choose the one you like and start.

The power of effective copywriting

A good copy is an item that sells your product. Copywriting became especially important with the constant search engine updates.
Write good texts, and people will read them.
The main reason why so many businesses fail is that they weren’t even bothering about powerful texts. And, as you see, they’d better do it. Hire a copywriter or create the selling texts by yourself. There are many ways to start benefiting from your business.

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What makes a good copy?

  • A selling headline.
  • Awareness of who will read it.
  • Highlighting results, not process.

What are the other copywriting tips?

There are many trifles to remember. We’ve collected the main for you.

  • Motivate clients
    Let them see what they get from the offer. A reader of your text has to stay interested. Once you offer a unique and effective solution, clients are yours.
  • Make them curious
    Most of us glance at the headline and decide what's next. Intrigue your audience, starting from the heading. It is the easiest way to “catch” clients.
  • Delete vague words
    Concentrate on the main thing. Do not add any extra or vague words. No one reads them anymore.
  • Make it clear
    Stick to the big idea. Be laconic and simple. People don't appreciate long captions or complicated texts. Your task is to stay smart enough to put more in less.
  • Add a pinch of urgency
    You may create a perfect text with a nice headline, but no one still reads it. But why? Because it can be done later. And, this “later” means never. Set deadlines, so you’ll motivate people to actually read the text, not to bookmark it forever.
Powerful texts, a strong marketing campaign, and you are sold out. You can deal with it by yourself, or delegate the task to professionals. In any case, we'll be glad to help you with any queries. Contact us for more detailed information. And, remember that we are looking for your feedback.

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