How to create a strong personal brand in 2022

March 27, 2022 • Advertising | Marketing | Marketing agency | Brand
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You've probably heard about the word “brand”. Becoming a personal brand has become extremely popular recently. The audience has required a powerful image of you, not only your business.

Does it mean that business branding is over?

Actually, partly. The image of a company was, is, and will be important. However, now entrepreneurs have to understand that customers lost their hope in traditional ads.

So, business branding has to be done via creating a strong image of a business owner. In other words, a personal brand helps to create good business branding.

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For instance, what's your first thought when you hear the name of Elon Musk? Most likely, you imagine not only his personal brand but also the Tesla brand. They come together and help each other. Even though the personal brand, in this case, is way stronger.

Today, we'll cover the issue of personal branding, its creation, popularity, and main benefits.

What is a personal brand

A personal brand is an image of an entrepreneur that is presented online. Actually, not only entrepreneurs can present themselves via the Internet but for them, it is extra beneficial.

So, your personal brand determines your online promotion. If you don't want to do it chaotically, think about creating a particular image you would like to follow?

Does it mean that I have to create an ideal person?

No, it doesn't! On the contrary, you better show that you are close to your audience. However, you also have to provide some expertise. For example, in marketing or copywriting. It can be any field, you are interested to develop.

The golden rule of creating a strong personal brand is understanding that it can change with time. Well, same as you can. That's why the brand has to stay dynamic and flexible, trendy and innovative. Clients appreciate honesty, so building a perfect image may even hurt your reputation.
Stay yourself + show your expertise = successful personal brand.
NB! Always be honest and never compromise truth. Your audience will thank you for that.

What are the benefits of personal brand

Unless you want your audience to create your image without your help, consider working on a personal brand.

Among personal brand's advantages are:

  • Better visibility on the media space.
  • Scaling your network.
  • Your person will be more recognizable both offline and online.
  • Your brand will have a stronger reputation.
  • Online presence will positively influence your sales.
  • Your brand will get a lot of opportunities to grow.
  • You'll take full control of what people think about you and your brand.
  • Your confidence and credibility will grow.
  • Your goals will be your plans, your results will be seen worldwide.
In any case, you've already owned an online brand. Are you aware of it? Since you sign up for Instagram and Facebook to share posts, your audience consumes the information and creates your image. You don't even need to contact your followers in reality. What you post, how you write and communicate will be enough.

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So, if you do not think about creating a strong personal image, you'll get a weak one. It is pretty easy. Drive yourself and your company the way you want, not the way the wind blows.
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How to create a powerful personal brand

Must be the most interesting chapter. Personal brand creation is as important as starting a business. It will boost your sales, attract clients and simply advertise your product 24/7.

Do you know that millennials barely trust ads? They see one, ignore, and forget it. The ad was compromised. However, it is still useful. The best idea is to use the classic ad together with a powerful personal brand image. Let's see how to create the one.

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7 steps to grow your personal brand from scratch

  • Highlight your individuality
    People will follow you if they feel you can teach, entertain or surprise them. In our case, you have to show your expertise in a certain field of knowledge.
  • Understand your strong and weak sides
    There are no perfect people, and your audience knows it. If you pretend to be ideal, the people will feel it, and unfollow you… Show that you are a real person with your own issues and their solutions. Living a real life is much better than the ideal one. Well, at least for marketing purposes.
  • Believe that you can
    It all starts with belief. Simply be sure you will make it, then work to really do it.
  • Curate your personal brand
    In another way, it will develop chaotically. And, who knows what the chaos can do. Control is essential.
  • Share quality content
    Ask yourself what your audience will gain after the post you are sharing right now. If nothing, keep it for your private account.
  • Collaborate with other brands and influencers
    Exchange your audience to enhance.
  • Be flexible
    Life is changeable, so your brand has to be ready to change.

Examples of famous personal brands

We have already mentioned Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Inc. However, there are plenty of cases, when a good personal brand became even more well-known as a product.

Personal brands you may want to learn from:

  • Billie Eilish
    turned out her weaknesses into her business. The rebellion the girl represents makes her art unique, and her products best-selling.
  • Lucy Earl
    the owner of the YouTube channel “English with Lucy”, raised teaching to a new level. The girl is popular mostly outside of Britain.
  • Neil Patel
    the creator of marketing content. He is popular among marketers who use his website to read about the latest trends.
  • Michaela Alexis
    who wrote a viral article on LinkedIn and got famous thanks to it. After that, CNBC and BuzzFeed contacted her to collaborate.
  • Shaun White
    is the snow- and skateboarder who demonstrates to his followers what he can do with his body. He monitors what his audience likes, then shows it. Sure, it works.

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A personal brand is a must-have in 2022. Its creation is rather challenging, but why not try? In any case, you'll get a personal brand automatically. It is much better to be the driver of the progress rather than an observer of the failure.

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