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The resurrection of email marketing

March 28, 2022 • Advertising | Marketing | Email marketing


Traditional marketing has evolved into the digital one. There are several reasons why modern people tend to react better to online ads. They spend a lot of time scrolling their newsfeed, answering emails, and chatting with friends via various messengers.

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If people enjoy spending time on the Internet, let's offer them the ability to do it for our benefit. Marketers switched online almost a decade ago. Email marketing is one of the oldest tools for “catching” customers' attention. However, nowadays, many entrepreneurs think that email marketing is dead. Is it true?

This material will prove that email ads are alive and prosperous, their ROI is high, and the impact is colossal.

What is email marketing

First, let's take a look at the term. Email marketing is a powerful channel to boost the sales of any business via simple emails. This classic advertising technique offers a lot of handy hacks on attracting clients to your brand.

The statistics show that almost 4 billion people use email. And, the great half of them start their morning by checking whether they've got a new letter.

Some experts claim that email marketing is old-fashioned and even annoying. They rely on many scammers and spammers who use this channel to find their victims. However, we cannot even call this phenomena marketing.
Reliable companies would never allow using such a dirty technique as spamming to generate leads. Anyway, it simply doesn't work.

Real email marketing is built on offering unique stuff via the letter. There is no place for manipulation or scam. The main thing is to provide the users with the idea they will appreciate. Then, offer a product/service these people will be eager to purchase.

That is how healthy email marketing works.

Email marketing relevance in 2022

The reputation of ads via emails has been spoiled. Indeed, some users cannot understand where is a quality ad, and where is a spam message. They are so tired of companies that tend to steal their money, offering average things for a great price. For those customers, marketers have come out with a lot of trust-building techniques.

Is email marketing worth using?

If it is compromised, why should I use it? — you can ask. And, we have the answer. The number of people who are checking their emails twice per day is about 2.5 billion. It is more than half of all email users. People expect business offers via email.

Social medial, like Instagram or TikTok, are fine, but they are associated with entertainment. If your audience is far from being a teen, consider adding email to the number of tools, you are using.

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Does it mean I should stop advertising on social media?

It means that you have to mix email ads with SMM. You never know for sure what your audience likes. And, if you think you do, reconsider. That is why offering a few channels of communication is promising.

Since the ROI of email marketing is very high, let's see how to use it well.
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What are the best email marketing strategies

The main idea is to stay positive and honest with your audience.

We've collected several tips to demonstrate that email marketing is nothing difficult.

5 life hacks to create a working marketing strategy:

According to the latest research, it helps to make a connection and build a trustworthy relationship with the audience. Simply start the message with the name of your client. The effect of such messages will be 40% higher than the traditional ones.
Optimize the preview
Your letter will get into the full list of other emails. Stand out of the competition by customizing the preview.
Know the audience
There is no point in sending one email to everyone. Your audience differs, so the letters have to do the same.
Place the important data at the top
Another way, people simply won't scroll so much to find it.
Use autoresponders
It is a handy tool to answer fast, and contact the clients more. If the answer does not require any special information, use templates to reply. The letter will be sent fast, the client won't wonder why he is left unanswered. However, do not overuse this option. Sometimes, you still have to write alive replies.

Poor email marketing techniques, you better avoid

Some things that can kill an email marketing strategy at once. If you want to succeed, never:
  • Send spam
  • Send the letters without the “Unsubscribe” button
  • Use impersonal treatment
  • Create not-mobile friendly letters
  • Forget about aesthetics
  • Ignore the needs of your audience
There are no strict rules on creating a perfect email. However, the tips, we've mentioned, will help to make your letter the most effective. Make sure, you are honest with your audience, there are no “red flags” like spam or no “Unsubscribe button” in your message, and send it!

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Email marketing has survived a few changes. Now, to stand out, you have to be highly professional, creative, honest, and real.

Creating a good email may sound challenging. However, it is pretty easy. Understand what the audience needs, then offer it to those people. You can write the email by yourself or delegate the task to professional marketers. The main is to stay in touch with the people you are selling the product to. Good luck with creating the best-selling email! And remember that we are always eager to help you.

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