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Get Personal — Brand as a person

March 26, 2022 • Advertising | Marketing | Marketing agency | Brand


Personal branding sounds like a prosperous idea. Actually, a well-thought-out “brand-as-person” concept can lead your business to success.

However, there is another side. Since the owner of a brand is its face, his mistake automatically becomes a brand failure. According to the statistics, females are even more dependent on the ideal image. Society is struggling with killing stereotypes, but this one seems to be eternal. “A man has to make money, while a woman should stay beautiful…” Old-fashioned, right?

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Female founders are in a challenging position. They have to act perfect, look charming, and stay professional. While for male entrepreneurs, the challenge is in keeping the high audience expectations.

The 5 Ps of personal branding

More and more businessmen ask themselves whether they have to invest in creating a powerful brand. Building a professional image is essential. The answer is definitely YES.
  • Yes, you have to create a personal brand to stand out from the competition.

  • Yes, you should build a strong “brand-as-person” image to personalize your product.

  • Yes, you, as a founder, should be responsible for personal brand creation as it boosts sales and attracts more customers.
If talking about brand creation, the answer is simple, and there are no doubts. Strategies of building the image differ. Let's take a look at the 5 Ps of personal branding. Understanding them will help to get how to create a powerful brand.

5 Ps of ‘brand-as-person” concept:

If you decide to start a brand, make it individual. Speak about your professional skills, unique knowledge, etc. A company brand can coexist with a personal one. Just do not mix them.
Why are you creating the brand? There has to be a good reason. Think about it, then start.
Set goals. There is nothing worse than building a brand without any aim. If “pointed” means that you know what you want, purposeful stands for being fully aware when and how you want it.
Firstly, your personal brand has to be your number 1 priority. When you develop the concept, just maintain the result.
There is no point in creating a brand that brings zero ROI. And, here we are talking not only about money. Profitability, in this case, means that you have to see the results. Maybe, you wanted to become influential or be seen as an expert in the field. Work on it, and make sure you get the profit.

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Personal Brand Identity

Every interaction, in any form, is branding
Seth Godin
Personal brand identity is the message and the image you are producing. What should customers think when they interact with you? The way you communicate shows.

Every entrepreneur tends to make a positive impression. Brand identity is the process of its shaping.

It consists of unique features you'd like to share about your personality and expertise. You can unite the message using one color, the original font, or any other catching detail.

Corporate brand identity examples

The popular platform has developed its own identity based on its content. Photos are in the center of the Instagram universe, so their logo depicts a camera on a vivid background. The colors were redesigned, but the camera was always there. The main element cannot be changed.
A few simple lines, and we've got a well-known logo. The product has, actually, many competitors. So, the image is often reshaped to stay trendy. However, all the time, it stays similar. They usually scale the “M” or zoom it, changing the background. The main idea is its simplicity, as Netflix tends to offer simple solutions for your entertainment.
The banking uses dark-blue color to follow its minimalistic design. The service is pretty popular thanks to its color scheme and fonts.
The red color this brand uses and the original shape of its bottles create a memorable image.
The colorful circles determine the brand. Actually, they were redesigned a few times. We bet that Mastercard’s clients barely even seen that. The detail that doesn't change over time creates identity.
Personal branding should include the thing that stays untouchable over time. It can be your expertise or style, why not. A perfect example of personal branding is Steve Jobs and his powerful knowledge in contrast with casual clothing.
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Storytelling & Fact-based ads for a personal brand

Fact-based marketing is effective when the data you are talking about is arranged in a story. Followers will be interested to read further. So they will follow you, and you will please the algorithms.

Narratives or stories are pretty popular among Instagram influencers. They are done with fact-based posts because their audience is tired of the dry facts.

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Why does narrative work?

  • A good story engages.
  • It makes people follow you to read more.
  • A narrative is alive and entertaining.
  • It can be emotional and educational at the same time.

While pure facts are out of date as they are:

  • not emotional,
  • dry and far from being engaging,
  • overused.
Mix facts and emotions to create unique, engaging content.

Scale your personal brand influence

You own a personal brand, whether you want it or not. The digital footprint is inevitable. The question is whether you'd like to lead this brand or let it develop chaotically.

TOP-benefits of implementing the “brand-as-person” concept

  • Clients remember you better.
  • They trust you as they “know” you.
  • Customers see that you are the expert they need.
  • It advertises 24/7.
  • The “Person-as-brand” concept is less popular than product branding. You will stand out.
Start creating your future right now. A personal brand will attract attention and boost sales. Just one thing — do not write a diary and call it a brand. Stay personal but professional. Your followers should be interested in your expertise, not your private life only.

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