TOP-10 Google Ad PPC trends you simply can’t miss

October 11, 2021 • Advertising | Marketing | Marketing agency | Marketing tips
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Google is the primary browser for more than 2.65 billion users. And most of these people have no idea how to use its marketing tools effectively. Let's talk about creating best-selling PPC ads at Google, about PPC and SEO optimization, and 2021 Google Ads trends.

So, Google is one of the fast-growing browsers that is used all over the world. We bet you use it too. Well, of course, you do! That is, probably, why you are here.

Everyone knows what Google is. But are you sure you are using Google Ads effectively? Let's see.

Google Ads mechanisms

Since Google is one of the most powerful, if not the most, of all the available ad platforms, it has a set of handy ad mechanisms. Are they complicated? Well, yes and no. On the one hand, you don't need much to drive organic traffic to your website. However, on the other hand, it still costs effort and time.

How to create a perfect ad:

Of course, they aren't. To advertise anything, you have to pay. It is business. There are many ways to optimize your ads. Since they often change, the first rule is to stay aware of all these changes.
It sounds difficult, but it actually isn’t. Google itself provides you a handy tool to see what is best for advertising, particularly your product now. All you have to do, at first, is to understand whether your advertising campaign copes with its task. To do it, check your Insights page.

Once you’ve seen that the ad is working, or not. Consider diving into the world of Google Analytics. Actually, Google Ads or Google AdWords is a good tool to use, because they analyze themselves well. You simply have to understand this data.

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For example, you want to check your PPC campaign effectiveness. Go to Google Insights, see your performance. Then you can also take a look at trends. Just click “View trend details”. It is so easy, but still, some aspiring marketers don’t use it. We advise you to use all the hacks in advertising. Especially if the platform you are advertising on allows them.

Google itself will show you trending searches and campaigns that include them. Be adept enough to use this information most effectively.

There are 3 main types of Google trends:

  • Emerging Google Ad trends. These trends have appeared during the last 7 days. They are fresh, effective, and ready to be used by your company.

  • Sustained Google Ad trends. This type of trend doesn’t lose its relevance during the last month (28 days). They are also called “Month over Month” trends. Sustained Ads are very helpful when tracking your progress, and understanding a way up.

  • Year over year Google Ad trends. They are also known as Opportunities for growth. These trends show what was popular a year ago. It compares the last 28 days of your marketing campaign to the same 28 days, but one year ago. As you could guess, these trends are useful for improving ads in the long term.

Now, let’s see what are the freshest Google Ads trends.

2021 Google Ads trends

The latest events, concerning the Covid-19 pandemic with all its strict restrictions, simply couldn’t omit Google Ads. No, it doesn’t mean there are any taboos or anything. We just minimize effort.

TOP-10 Google Ads trends in 2021:

  • Make it simple.
    To work as effectively as it is even possible, you have to know about the hottest PPC trends. If earlier, to get more attention, means more clicks, you had to enter the syntactic variant of SEO-keys, then you could also add synonyms. This February, Google claimed that they want to engage all the customers. Now, it doesn't matter how you enter a request. The meaning matters.

    So, keywords have to be matched to the phrase by meaning.
  • Create a strategy, don’t even bother about single keyword groups.
    Google has decided to simplify your life. No need to waste time, creating different keywords groups. Deal with the most important task — making a good marketing strategy, and the engines will generate the best bids, according to your latest campaigns.
  • Auto recommendations panel.
    Select the changes you'd like to be applied automatically. They will be applied to all the accounts you manage. Then, enjoy the best advertising experience ever. All the changes can be edited manually.
  • Two types of brand-new ads.

    Are you ready to expand your portfolio and experience? We know you are. Both professionals and beginners will be satisfied with this innovation.

    Google has introduced:

    • Discovery Ads and
    • Video-action campaigns.
  • What are they?

    Discovery ads are the PPC that is placed on YouTube, Instagram, Gmail, etc. It can even appear on smartphones. Plus, the main benefit is that it works well together with the innovation we’ve already mentioned — auto-bidding.

    Now you have less control, but more time to spend on dealing with strategy.

    Video-action ads work only on YouTube. The video ad pops up and so, you drive traffic to your website. Google claims it’ll increase conversions by 20%. Sounds good, isn’t it?

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  • Optimizing ads at Google
    Simply put the application at the bottom of the ad, and get more leads. Now, users don’t need to visit your website. They just enter the information in the ad. Then you can download or upload it to your CRM.
  • Responsive Ads
    Change your ad to stay as trendy as possible. No need to create another ad to do it, just add any element you need to the existing one. A time-saving and simply perfect solution.
  • Give Google more information
    And it’ll pay you back. Add the data about offline/micro conversions. It is important for search engines to work more accurately. The ad will be shown to the right, warm or even hot audiences. More information = more leads.
  • No more third-party cookies
    No need to group users by any personal data. They will be grouped by common interests. It is a win-win situation both for the audiences and marketers.
  • IOS 14
    Apple has decided to ask its users whether they want to share their private data. And sure, they don’t. Marketers aren’t really happy about it, but now users will be heard.
  • Taxes
    Some countries will be forced to pay a bit more for Google PPC. It is expected that marketers from Spain, France, and The UK will face this struggle. Then eventually it’ll spread worldwide.

How to create the best ad for Google algorithms

Well, now you know all the main 2021 trends, so let’s build a perfect Google Ad. We have collected simple rules for you to make it as easy and effective as possible.

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Rules for the best Google Ad creation:

  1. Be clear with your objectives.
  2. Work upon structure.
  3. Stay high-quality.
  4. Use long keywords.
  5. Optimize your landing page.
  6. Focus on your audience.
  7. Get acquainted with smart-bidding.
  8. Add extensions.
  9. Track trends.
  10. Measure it all.

PPC or SEO: what to choose

And last, but not least - PPC & SEO. Spoiler: use both. However, PPC is effective for a fast user catch, while SEO is a good old way to drive organic traffic to your website and get leads.

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Remember: that users search for things differently. Make sure you cover as many requests as it is possible, and you win.
Would you like to promote your product by yourself? Well, that’s great. Then be ready to spend a lot of time, funds, and nerves on learning all the essential stuff. However, there is another way to create a good marketing campaign - to work with professionals, they rarely fail.

We will be glad to help you with any queries. And, sure, we are looking for your feedback. Stay tuned!

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