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Digital marketing era: empower your text with quality content

March 25, 2022 • Advertising | Marketing | Marketing agency | Marketing tips
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Life hacks on creating a perfect Google Ad and the latest trends in digital marketing


The era of digital marketing has already begun. No one doubts it, but how to keep up with all the trends? That is the query many marketers wonder about.

Your ad has to stay relevant, even though there is nothing stable anymore. Google Ad trends change every month, if not every week. Then how should I understand what is popular now to use it for my benefit?
It may sound odd, but there is nothing complicated. Google, for example, offers a set of handy tools to track fresh trends. You just have to know how to use them effectively.

Today, we will talk about innovations in the world of digital marketing, understand why we go online and how to play on it. Stay tuned, it'll be an exciting journey!

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What is digital marketing

And the first thought that may arise in your mind is… What digital marketing is? To get how it works, we have to know exactly what the term means.

So, if traditional marketing deals with print, TV, and radio ads, together with public relationships. Its digital version is aimed to cover users’ interests online.
Digital marketing is advertising via the Internet. It is also called online or internet marketing. Its main aim is to connect potential clients to the service or product. It is as simple as that.
So, fine digital marketing tends to promote brands online, but how? There are, actually, a lot of ways to show that your product is worth buying. Let's see what are the best of them.

How to create a perfect ad:

  • Be relevant. The information you provide has to be quality and fresh. The audience isn’t interested in out-of-date data. People expect quick and effective results for almost any request. So, offer it to them.

  • Follow trends. Don’t you know how to satisfy your audience? We will help you. Because you know, just don’t notice. Your solution is trends. They give all the information you should know to create the best ads. Go to Google Insights and check what is popular now, what was trending during the last 7 days, a month, or a year.

  • Create visual content. Your texts are important, but the images you add are perfect tools to “catch” your website’s visitors. Aesthetics is essential to stay popular and cover the expectation of modern Internet users.
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Why the 21st-century marketing goes digital

“Why do we go digital?” — you may ask. The answer is simple — it happened so historically. Must be the quote that can explain everything, and digital marketing isn’t an exception.

People tend to spend hours scrolling the news feeds, posting photos and videos, liking stuff they enjoy, etc. The era of digital marketing began a few decades ago. However, its full power we feel only during the last 8-10 years.

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The term was introduced in 1990. Can you simply imagine how much has changed since then? To keep your hand on the vibrating pulse of digital marketing, follow its trends, research your audience, and stay tuned with all the latest updates.

Benefits of digital marketing

  1. It helps with optimizing marketing strategies, using a set of handy online tools.
  2. You can reach your audiences way faster.
  3. Following trends was never so easy.
  4. It's affordable.
  5. Analyzing marketing campaigns became simpler.
  6. It's flexible and modern.
  7. Your ads can be interactive.
  8. You can use social media to get more leads.
  9. The media coverage is simply huge.
  10. Building a trustworthy customer relationship is very quick and way faster
  11. It can be combined with traditional marketing.
  12. It is the only way to stay competitive.

TOP-5 life hacks on creating quality content

Since everything is done via the Internet, you have to get the key notions of writing quality texts. Google engines are made to recognize only the unique advertising articles. Developers are interested in creating a safe area, where users can search for any material in a snap. Quality texts play the main role. They have to stay original and relevant, easy-readable, and well-structured. Now we will speak about creating an ideal advertising article in more detail.

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Benefits of digital marketing

Modern Google algorithms recognize longer texts like the ones with better value. Sure, the length depends on the subject and objectives. Usually, the optimal length is 1200 – 2000 words. It is considered to be a watermark of high quality. Such texts are long enough to be informative and structured.
It goes right after the length, if not even before. A good article has to be well-structured, according to the mechanisms that check it. Poorly structured text can fail, even being very informative and unique.
SEO is an interesting thing. If before only keywords could lead you to the highest-ranking, now you have to understand the subject of common interest. It means that covering trending topics is essential. Use not only keywords, but also synonyms.
You simply cannot cover all the issues in one article. So, internal linking is a good way to make your texts valuable.
Call to action
It is essential to add it, but not to be too direct or even pushing. Allow your readers to decide whether they want to continue reading or buy a product. Your task is to create the text that will convince the audience to do it.

The latest trends in digital marketing

The Internet audience is sophisticated. It requires more and more information every single day. So, understanding the key principles of building an effective text is very important. We’ve mentioned that it has to follow the latest trends. Now let’s take a look at the trends themselves.
First and foremost: Monitor core Google trends. Use Google Insights to see what has changed.

7 latest trends in digital marketing

Use synonyms
Keywords are important, but now you have to enrich texts with words that have close meanings. So search engines will recognize your article as a quality text.
Do not neglect visual design
Your audience is fond of visual content. Always add a few pictures to make your texts aesthetic.
Collaborate with influencers
Bloggers have never been more popular than now. Use this opportunity to promote your product. The main rule is to work with reliable influencers.

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Say bye to 3rd-Party Cookies
Users will be asked whether they want to share their personal data. Now, Google users will be grouped by common interests, not personal information. And, third-party cookies are thought to finish their existence by the end of 2022.
Mobile ads
People use their smartphones all around. So the ad has to look good both from the laptop and smartphone. That's why the vertical screen format is trending.
Interactive advertising
The main idea is to entertain your audience. Make users happy with your product. So, pop-up ads are everywhere. They are added to videos on YouTube, after articles in blogs, and at the end of Instagram posts.
AI ads
Use it to understand what attracts your audience and how to improve your current materials.
Marketing is fun and games when you know how to do it right. That’s why working with professionals is essential. If you are sure how to promote your product, use these handy tips to do it more effectively. And, if you'd like to delegate the task to professional marketers, click here. We will be glad to help you with any queries!

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